Poems by Aziza Dahdouh


Aziza - 1

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh 



A ballad 

That ballad
which lives
In my memory
That story
That song
existed since
I was an embryo
In my mother’s
Those lyrics
were in harmony
with my heart
They uplifted
my soul when
Time was hard
That ballad is still
sung by my mind
It has never
Lost its charm
It is enjoyable
For each time
for every age.



your zone

Stay there
In that
Exeptional zone
Closest to The great creator
Be there
Soul and heart
never come back
Or step any back step
To collect someone
Just pray for them
encourage them
To join you
Iam trying !!
I need some training
Iam like a bird that
wants to fly for
The first time
nothing or no one
will distract me
For being there
at the final line
at suitable time
Keep faith
my inspirer
Be sure
Iam a fighter
Just pray and say
Ameen ya Rab.


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