Poems by Dr. Jernail S. AANAND


jernail S Anand

Poems by Dr. Jernail  S.  AANAND





Poets of the World,
Look around and see,
how many people who had done good
to the earth;
who raised trees
who helped the downtrodden
who innovated in sciene and technology
who set new records,
so many who are now
part of the earth,
people who stood for the rights of the people
people who laid down their lives
for this earth;
people who dreamt of a golden future
for mankind,
people who believed in themselves,
people who spoke against injustice,
people who did not bend,
people who loved
people who worked day and night
for us to see this beautiful world;;
yes, they are the special people of this earth.
because of them we are here today,
enjoying the bounties of nature.
Let us for once
close our eyes, and bring to our mind
atleast one person who
touched our lives once in a while,
and then, dear Poet,
compose a verse int he memory
of that person.
God bless you, O Minster,!
Muse bless your lung;
Sing of the millions who have
gone unheard and unsung.


DR Jernail S Aanand
All Rights Reserved 2016.





I am a poet
Not a puppet

I try to keep shut
But then
Erupt like a volcano

I can see anything
Injustice and torture

I have words
Which like arrows pierce
And like doctors dress
The wounds of time

History comes
To consult me regarding its
Obscured tomorrow

Phantoms are scared
Of my lighted point
And dungeons wait for me
Before they are emptied of their inmates.

I wrote the Magna Carta
I inked the Charter of Human Rights
I celebrated America
I emulated the Orient.

I am not a weather cock
I know
How to shock the weather.

Walk with me
A few steps
And feel the difference.

The earth shakes
And the skies hark

I am Sir Oracle.
When I ope my lips
Let no dog bark.


All rights reserved@2016


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