Poems by Lily Swarn



Poems by Lily Swarn





Caricatures of crooked crimes

Craning their necks to catch sight

Of Crimson graffiti crafted into blotches of indignity


Mothers of malnourished babies

Asking the Lord to explain

The inhuman hailstorm of missiles

Thrown with an Arjunesque precision

Dirges wailing across gardens of buds

That never got a chance to flower


Orchards of unripe fruit lying in unkempt heaps of motionless humans

Sacrificed at altars

of barbaric visions of power


Save us Oh Mother Earth

from the woes of life

Bury us in your chest

o Generator

Operator And Destructor






He was bedraggled

With a far away look

In his rheumy eyes

Clutching on to a limp sheet

of grime splashed paper

His hands trembled and shook

As he wheezed with painful breaths

Grey hair grimy and matted

Like the foul smelling village pond

A fearful spasm of terror crossed

His visage glazed with agony

Swaying like a willow tree

Amidst hurricane shredded winters

Barely holding on to life

He waited for the dead body

Of his only son who never returned

From that fateful shelling on pickets

High up in the Himalayas

Or was it the dreadful mine burst?

The paper in his hand tear sodden

Was his son’s photograph

Dim with age

Dog eared and gaping

In wide eyed bewilderment

At the route maps of life

No not this road …..

this one no one knew

Even the old faithful

Google had no clue !


 Copyright@ LilySwarn



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