Poems by Malek Salih AL-Moussawi / Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab



Poems by  Malek Salih  AL-Moussawi



   A Kiss Will Stay


I will arrive to you before the time is lost.

And before the days annealed me on your trunk’s lost.

I am the jejunum from you, looking forward to your favorable signs of coming.

In order to fast using your amazing hug.

And to be saturated by your lips.

My imagination was searching to get you back as you was.

It was ordering to arrange you at the top of my heart.

I will walk with you on a drum of your pulse.

You are the spirit that inhabited me.

I will give up from everything of mine to put them infront of your hands.

Come , come and don’t think.

I will be your armor,and safety valve to protect you from the evils of falsity.

Hey , Hey encloses me.

Without you no title for me.

I will be isolated and die outside of fences you are.

Leave me travel with you on our love boat,

to shoot using your eyelash,

in order to reach your heart’s beach.



Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab



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