Poems by Opal Ingram



Poems by Opal Ingram



How Would We Fly ? 


Like Two Birds In The Sky“

If My Wings Could Fly?

How Would We Fly?

Over The Land“
Over The Moon“

In The Skies Above

How Would We Fly?

Perhaps Like Two Birds
In The Sky““`

If My Wings

Over The Rain`

Swiftly in Pace,

To Stimulations
With A Music

Jazzy With A House

Like A Breeze
With A CoolNess,

Like A Breeze
In The Wind~

How Would We Fly?

On A Whisper“““

Over The Rain,
Skin To Skin

Swiftly in Pace
Like Two Birds
In The Sky`

How Would We Fly?

Above The Sun`
In the Rainbow,

Like Two Birds In The Sky.

How Would We Fly?



@Opal Expressions

Copyright ©Opal Ingram

aka : Poet / Poetress Mystic





 I Wonder? 


The Huge Tree
Stood Behind
The Bench,

Beneath The Sun`

I Wonder ?

Homeless With
My Heart Clench

It Seem like Yesterday
Where Did My Life Go?

I Sat With My Back
On The Worn Up

My View
I See
The Torn
Up Streets
With Its Broken
Up Curbs,

I Sit Besides The
Bench Of Over looker

Like A Mirror Cover
Up in Dust`

With Only The Glare`
Of The Night Mist,

From A Flash Light
View, I lay across
Torn Up Boxes And
Empty Cans,

I Kick One To The

It Roll Down The
Gutter Where Water

I Wonder?

I Watch The Cats
Go By

Like The Invisible Sun`

With their Eyes A Glow
Like The Darkness Of
The Moon, Creeping
In A Day`

There Was Some One
Sitting Across The Way.

She Wore A Flashy
Silver Blouse

With A White Skirt

She Glance At Me
With A Crooked

I Nodded Back
At Her.

She Lit
A Cigarette

I Wonder ?

A Shiny Toyota Pull
Up into A Narrow

The Door Open
She Got Up.

And Burst
In Side

And The Car
Drove Away

I Laugh With
A Loud Giggle

I Wonder?

I Sat Near
The Rabbage
Up Leaves

And Sip On
A Bottle of
Fresh Ice
Cold Water,

I Wonder?

Would I Die
Before I Awake ?

I Close My Eyes
And Dream I
Was Some
Where Else

My View


I Wonder ?

My Journey Peices



Copyright ©Opal Ingram

aka : Poet / Poetress Mystic

@Opal Expressions




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