Poems by Jenda Sanchez

Jenda sanches

Poems by Jenda Sanchez



Here’s the Deal


Life’s secret arrangement

to choose the life lived

to not forsake what is given

between the pain

and the pleasure—

the pitfall of delusion—

is to learn to love;

Not love to gain.

The optical of illusion

see the duality of nature

in your soul.

Do you not recognize

the Me in You, the I in Us,

the Them in We?


Release the struggle

to swim against the current and

listen to the downfall of

one’s own discouragement.

Turn around, don’t look down

the world’s inside you not

outside your grasp

of comprehension.

It’s the sensation of separation

that has you confused

about the fall and the fallen.

The coin may toss

but the outcome remains the same.

There’s a chance you may gain

for with the right insight

even a loss has its up side.

Do not forsake what’s given!




Falling Out of Love


Shall I fall out of love with thee?

Close the window, shut out the moon

and forget the kiss we lived our lives for?


Am I not to sip from your cup as you never spill a drop of me;

never feel your presence within mine nor be the one you adore?

Shall I turn my back when you come to bed at that early hour of three

to make love and forget the touch of spirit on body

nor call out your name, never know what you are made of

or how the sea water begs at the pearl to to let him break her shell?


And the passion of the Lily; am I to fall out of love

with the need of some wild darling at night in the willow’s breeze

embracing the one wind of breath we shared to find true destiny?


Shall I fall out of love with the way the bee sucks at the center

of the flower like you to me, and never listen to you moan as I

lift my roots up to your need when our souls ignited the sun’s rays?


Am I to fall out of love with thee and the sound of synchronicity

or that way you seduced me into your magical world of endless time-space

and the way our hearts fell into rhythm to the inner secret?


No, my love, I shall never stop loving thee!

or the timeless wavelength of our beat…

the travels you took me on across the sky to the bridge at twilight…

or the mountains we climbed to see sights that stopped our breath

of the moments we shared in a place we will never meet again

or the gods we were as I opened my soul to you and you climbed in

or the ocean of love between us that shall never rise and fall again

with the moon’s whim

or the blood you put in my heart or the way I touched your marrow…


I shall go on loving thee and never forget

how to love or the way you taught me to move

the earth beneath my feet as I swoon around nature

or the creation of life I gave to your daughters…

No, my love, I shall never stop loving thee…

I shall remember the feeling and let love crash my heart into another…




I cry


I cry too much and all I see

blurred images of you and me

of how it as when we were young

journeys traveled; victories won…

challenges overcome.

I cry too much for all the ills

the world endures and I do too

for all the hungry mother’s

starving babies and toy-less brothers

of war and degradation

oppression and segregation.

Someone show me where hell ends

so I can find heaven again.


To cross the line from hell to heaven

I’ll heal the world and all its vice

disperse the darkness not of the night

but in the day and makes us pay

and comes foreboding

with its evil intentions & temptation of atrocities.

I can free the people of suffering minds;

anguished hearts, split philosophies, broken lines,

and align souls to the unity of hearts

into a new dimension of tranquility.

If I ride the sun I can

harness its energy to end disease

and death becomes transcendency.


But I cry too much and all I see

how the devil took over me.

You fell asleep looking for me

when my love waned and I left your side.

The sky fell and the moon died;

all of nature came under a spell

cast by me unknowingly.

Grieved and mourned, I buried my soul.

Someone take me to the end of hell.

My backs on fire, I cannot break this spell.

I cry too much and all I see

blurred visions of a world the way it ought be.



© copyright Jenda Lovely Lady



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