Poems by Lily Swarn



Poems by Lily Swarn





Sullen grumpy grouchy

Clouds on an opiate high

Staggering drunkenly into

Windows left ajar in hill chalets

Peering inquisitively

Full of fluff and floss

Dreams that vanish on touch

Watery graves on high

Will o ‘the wisp

Mirages on stilletoes

Weeping copiously

At the slightest provocation

Drooling kohl from oceanic eyes


Copyright Lily Swarn 31.7.2016






If I could see your thoughts

Instead of read them like I can

It would be a maze of

pinnacles and troughs

Of harrowing hellish humps

On crazy camels backs

Flinging fancy forcefully

Over fences fraught with fire

You would smile your benign smile

With that twinkle in your eyes

And curl your lips impishly

Under moustaches shaded with worry

The clown inside you would stretch

His silly arms and bob his plastic nose

You would pretend to be happy

When your heart was beating a tattoo

Like a staccato machine gun

Wiping out the cacophony of my

Lumbering labouring breath

Thudding out a keherwa in my

Throbbing temples of anguish

The moon would slip unseen

It’s work had just begun

Beaming silvery salvation

Over embers of orange rage ..


Copyright Lily Swarn 30.7.2016




A procession of profusion


Glib talks intertwined with

Boudoirs of megalomania

Flouncy frilly primrose buds

Seeking wisteria lined paths

Modern mantras of bliss


Copyright Lily Swarn 29.7.2016

Lisping names of azure hues

Dappled with turquoise sashes

I barely hear your magic cues

Drowned in an ocean of lashes


Copyright Lily Swarn 28.7.2016




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