Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman
Listen to me!
The world needs «worlds of poems»!
Let burning poems will reach to one’s heart S, mankind love the poems
Cheer up with inspiration
Let’s start on the way of peace
In order to melt ice heart with our burning hot poems
The world needs all of us!
Take a pen by grace of God…
I wish I could rescue the world with my bright poems like the bright dew!
By the grace of God
I have a friend and an enemy
The first one is pulling me forward, last one backward
Did you see that, they are fighting!
It seems to me my friend is my enemy
He nonstop forbidden me with his endless forbidden things
His judgment is so inhospitable like my father’s judgment
But my enemy is always at my side (He is agreeing with my intention)
As soon as I show interest, he said: Do what you want
He starts to burns my lust (forbidden things)
At the same time, I follow my bad side
I feel so excited and my nose starts pulsing
As the say, I don’t care if you die
As soon as the case to be done, you will get rid of your enemy
When i broke my soul
Only my true friend will be sitting worried beside me
…My enemy makes fun of me
And he is always mess up
But a true friend makes me cry
And lead me to right path
This is Gods will
Now, tell me please, what did you see, what do you know?
I’m at home, but my dream is far away
No, no, I have not reached to the space yet
I’m egger to find keys of the world
If I find this, I would never have lost it
I’m at home, but my consciousness is traveling the world
I keep look for, but it keeping cheating
It very fast, I can’t follow it
Am I really mesmerized?
I’m at home, but my desire is in the sky
I have already found out where my lost belongings
I almost reached the stairs which contains the keys of world
I’m at home.
English version of Yertay Nurbekov, editing and proofreading Waheed Musah

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