Irene Mercedes Aguirre (Argentina)

Irene Mercedes Aguirre 


Irene Mercedes Aguirre – writer/poet. She has an extensive university historical and cultural background (UBA-USAL), with deep knowledge of Argentina and Latin American culture, Management and Cultural Policy and Art Criticism (INAPIUNA). She is Ambassador of Peace by Thousand Millennia and PEA Foundation in Argentina and Ambassador of the Universal Peace Ambassadors Circle France / Switzerland. Chairman of the Committee designated “Educating for Peace” by the National Association of Pan American (reg. In OEA). Lighthouse Universal Peace appointed by SIPEA / IMAL, Mexico; Santa Clara de Aíis Award; SATO award for excellence in the literary and professional work; World Award finalist mystical poetry Fernando Rielo, Award Aristos International , Madrid, España, among others. She is a founding member and member of important national and international institutions and she has an abundant production of individual works and anthologies in Argentina and abroad. From his published works can be cited My being in time ; The dream that never ceases; San Martin for what? ; Secrets of the shadows; The eternal questions. Humanism and Peace XXI century; The dream of the heroes; Mirador de Dos Mundos. Five hundred later;Territories of the soul; Pater Nostrum; Road dialogues among others.


A Blank Sheet of Paper

The blank perception that I have of you
excites my ideas to fly,
winged butterflies of my dreams
that flutter at the edges of the Earth!

I run among your white solitudes
of virgin textures, hoping
for the subtle plots without age,
which the phoneme fire surrounds.

Transcribe me, mimetic mirage,
trace me, forging between your pores,
the cadences of my soul, decisive
to calm your lonely spaces!


A la hoja de papel en blanco

La blanca percepción que de ti tengo
es incitante vuelo a mis ideas,
¡aladas mariposas de mis sueños
que vagan por los bordes de la Tierra!

Discurro entre tus albas soledades
de vírgenes texturas, a la espera
de las sutiles tramas sin edades ,
donde circula el fuego de fonemas.

¡Transcríbeme, mimético espejismo,
recórreme, forjando entre tus poros,
las cadencias de mi alma, decisivas
para calmar a tus espacios solos!


The music in time

A radiant dawn, a gloomy sunset,
the color of eyes that ripen promises,
the painful goodbye, the wicked falseness,
terror and exile, famines and cold.

Deep questions, mischievous acts,
the suffocating heat or the breezes of the river,
the deepest resentment or near pious love,
Everything inspires in the soul its notes like sparks!

Melodies expressing what is hidden in a human,
the creative quality of rhythms and sounds
Woven pentagrams with a rumor of the arcane!

Music in time reflects what is lost,
the endless, challenging, distant turn,
that arouses emotions of a yesterday relived!


La música en el tiempo

Una aurora radiante, un ocaso sombrío,
el color de unos ojos que maduran promesas,
el adiós doloroso, las traiciones aviesas,
el terror y el exilio, las hambrunas y el frío.

Interrogantes hondos, situaciones traviesas,
el calor sofocante o las brisas del río,
el rencor más profundo o el amor casi pío,
¡todo inspira en el alma sus notas cual pavesas!

Melodías que expresan lo recóndito humano,
la cualidad creativa de ritmos y sonidos
¡Pentagramas tejidos con rumor de lo arcano!

La música en el tiempo refleja lo perdido,
el giro interminable, desafiante , lejano,
que despierta emociones de un ayer revivido!


5 thoughts on “Irene Mercedes Aguirre (Argentina)

  1. Hola no se si lees este comentario Irene? Ojalá.
    me sorprendió al leer uno de tus poemas que comparte casi el mismo titulo
    con un soneto que he escrito. Mimesis
    A la hoja de papel en blanco
    muy bonitos por cierto!

  2. Hermosa poesía, mucha belleza en cada palabra!!!! Gracias por compartirlo❤
    Lovely poetry, lots of Beauty in each word!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your work❤

  3. Irene dear friend you are a tireless writer,
    you have the very talent that is a gift from God.
    I congratulate you.

    Cristina Olivera Chavez
    San Antonio Texas

  4. Gracias por tus bellos y gratificantes poemas. Sumo mi aplauso a tants voces que consagran la prrfección de tus sonetoa y su contenido.

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