Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy


Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy





When I was desiring
one more sunny morning
with more magnitude more clarity
through which I could behold
the vision of your screaming heart
as clear as crystal
on which I could support my valour
tap your once closed door
right at that point of time
the sudden onset of rain
built up an enigmatic veil ‘tween you and me
a constraint for me in making sure
you don’t have a world of hatred stored for me
rather love galore.



I don’t mind on being looked down upon


Don’t look me down
what if I’m not with a crown
may be nowhere I can be used to be a trump
yet you got to gulp the truth
you may not have twisted your palms upside down
but in my ocean of imagination
I always make you drown

I admit that the global hands
never fused together to applaud any of my traits
but when global voice sing your psalm
when your flashing heart radiates around
evading your eyes it touches and clutches mine straight
so no more I sob over the way I’m abhorred
I don’t mind surviving on my imagination
without being adored.



Honey you are my bad habit


Why your thought girdle around
my mind and heart
while on run or on a seat
hun you are my bad habit

you know a morning coffee sip
reluctant in slipping down my throat
unless blended with your thought a bit
oh hun you are really my bad habit

you know my sleep slips from my room
without you it finds here gloom
says with your dream it would give me a treat
oh! hun you are really my bad habit

I wonder how come you have so much of time
in humming around to act being mime
how could you seize my day and night
though in my daily black phase the light you lit
it widens my smile,I never forget
so never mind jest apart
your daily haunt I’ll always greet
Oh hun you remain my bad habit


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)



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