In sooth I know / Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy



Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy



In sooth I know


In sooth I know
I can’t get you the moon
nor I can adorn your face
with blushing twilight
but on a new moon night
when you grope for a lamp
I can catch you a fire fly
a trivial but a bad time’s boon

I can’t pamper your fantasy
in a lazy afternoon
bringing you a mythical shower
but if you get trapped in a monsoon torrent
I can take you to a tranquil bower

In sooth I know
I can’t wrap you up in silver fabric
with twinkling studs abound
rather I can dye your fabric with mundane flower
that pops my eyes and astound

In sooth I know
I can’t win you a land
nor crown you with gems-n-jewels that are grand
but can make you drift with my life long stream
on a half lit solitary beach
where western sky bends to kiss
I can build you a cot there with leaves-n-twigs
a place of my choice from eternity just an errand.


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)04/07/2016



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