Poems by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio

Gina Ancheta
 Poems by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio




The Seed Of The Soul


In the night as i was sitting down in the darkness

And looking up in the dark sky that so starless

I came in thoughts and in rapport with the sun shine,

Where, the planet and the moon were in good sign.

If there’ll be a chance to meet the love once more?


Oh, my dear sun the light-giver and soul penetrator.

My leaves goes fainted, I need you, my green initiator

Your love and care is my hope and life potion, sure

How do I go on, when I feel your distance from shore

If really there is still the love that we had both before?


I see the Arcanum´s star, twinkling and smiling on you

That opened her door for you and bring me in doubt, anew

Sometimes the way you talk, and your reactions too

A love in trust, honesty and sincerity, our highlights hue

If we are capable to battle for the golden door of happiness?


The truth in our words and actions could change the world

That both of us, should learn and find each self to unfold

And say goodbye from the sorrow and pain of the past

To be free from the load at heart and show the love at last

For we believe that the seed of the soul is the power of Love!




The Candle, The Wind And The Light


A land is like a candle,

In various types and shapes

Scent, colours and appearances


The folks are the light,

That needs air also to breathe

Any land needs its own folks.


The wind is the leader of the candle

Both, the wind and the light

Should work together for the candle


The candle needs a fire

In order to be known and seen

The candle should be lit on.


By the blow and in the hands of the wind

Where the lights depending on

Shows where and which directions blows.


The problem is, where the candle stand

That given light, lit only its surroundings

And not where he stands, but a shadow.


And once the wind blows somewhere,

Like in a dried weeds or any flammable stuff

The flame might tempt to go and all turned to fire.


And now the wonderful question comes

It has been given the light and shown the way

Who will give the light when the candle burned out?




Sound Of My Heart, Hit My Soul


You are the sound of my heart

A dream of my love that hits my soul

You are the poem and my song

That light up my sight and my life

My strength that moves my world

As the reflection of my personality

To continue my journey into the future


A worth being, a person to be loved,

Is like reaching the universe, a goal

That magically touched down a soul

And so gladly experience the moment,

Sometimes wild, and sometimes gentle

Where both are listening what the heart tells

Just like fulfilling a dream, to live in life.


By sharing words, is an easy and effective way

And I have the feeling that you were made for me

That arises from my soul, so magical and sweet

Because you, have a good laugh, that brightens my day

With an enticing voice, like the flow of the river

You are full of force, the burning fire in me

And reason enough, to write poetry




The Noble Call


I wish I could know more

On how, to everyone could live

Regardless of religious purposes,

If all of us see and accept this way,

There´ll be no protest, conflict or war.

Why we are not going to embrace each other?

Put religion, race, colour and nationality by side.

It is not so wonderful if we all see the positive outcomes?


I wish I could know more

On how to prevail in this world..for all of us.

And when will be the right time, if may i ask.

For love peace and harmony

When it will be the time to voice out

To ponder about the future,

And enjoy but, without any anxiety.

To witnessed the sunrise and the sunset.


I wish I could know more

On how to serve as light or as an ember

To give a spark and light up your mind

Or to sing a song that moves the world

Let us be the spirit of love from our hearts.

Let be love and Peace our supreme´s command.

Let us create and face with our royal strength

And ride together towards the goal!


I wish I could know more

About the world, and its shades

But lets us keep all in faith

That all will be well and turns into its best.

May this noble call, find and moves the world

To serve as the fountain of love and inspiration,

Where all can drink the magical wisdom

And turn its effects into embraces.


©Gina Ancheta Agsaulio

June 3, 2016 All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Poems by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio

  1. Thank you Gina…..Read them twice……I don;t have words to express my feelings…..beautiful….awesome….Speechless….Keep enlightening us ….Thank you for beautiful words and persentation…..God bless….

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