Poems by George Onsy



Poems by George Onsy





I was going to write a poem
But my words got bored
They revolted
They moved … they jumped
They ran away from
All circles of meanings,
Getting unbound .. unfolded.
Their letters got loose,
Expanding … stretching
On the white horizons
Of my painting board,
To become long lines
Entangled … interwoven
By the heat of passion
Until they form shapes
Figures and bodies …
And so, you,
My dear creatures,
Have come into existence
To share my life.
Just be patient!
For I will write you
Many poems
As my Beloved had done
Before He brought me
Into being.






O my dancing creatures,
O my legendary beings
That I’ve woven out of
Unfastened words running away
From my eternally-unwritten poem!
Now, you’re hovering free
Across the vast space
Of my newborn artwork.
Come … Come
Into my enigmatic reality!
Tell me all about
That bottomless, infinitely dark
Kingdom of nonexistence
I’ve brought you out from!
You know!?
I had been also there
Until My Beloved
Who brings life out of
The very womb of death
Started to pen
My reality … my myth.


George Onsy- Egypt ©2016
With detail-1 & 2 of my painting: ETERNORAMA 1
(June 2016- Ink and watercolors on cardboard 30X40 cm)
Please click on the pics to see the details clearly. You can see the original’s total shot below or on my timeline.
Welcome to see former works on my blog:
(To get to older ones, click on the words رسائل أقدم bottom left of the page. There is still much to add to the blog, so, revisit it when you can. As for works and researches prior to 4 years visit my website: http://georgeonsy.weebly.com/)



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