Poems by Bam Dev Sharma


Poems by Bam Dev Sharma





I take icebergs

as human hearts

as they get wrapped by snow sheets

looking milky white

almost numb and chill

like our hearts

pensive silent

wrapped by soothing muse

but ready to melt.


The igloo men

with their lances

search for seals

across rocks

and rummage

through which

comes spilling white blood.

Seals hide into icebergs

only their firs visible

under sheets of ice

from sloppy landscapes

when the white blood


as if it were showering dreams

falling from the sky

spilling joy.

Hearts do have the same fate:

when they get connected

joyful symmetry and muse


and we begin to melt

forgetting ourselves !






Whirling through the air

are some unrequited lovely muses

like flimsy feathers

waltzing in the sky

in the gashing darkness

singing for the stars.

But flicker of light

is to tear

dismal darkness

of mistrust and doubt

and to implant

a lamp of joy

in gleaming light

like a ship looming

over the horizon!

There in the sky

towering clouds

spin in arc

to flirt with the moon

under the bluish canopy

when gentle breeze


across the citadels

of hopes and resolve

in the tune of

mesmerizing melody.

And then

colored leaves and petals

fall like mound


over grass

like abdomen

of the conceived woman

pile in colossal blossoms

and earthly song buzz

in everlasting love!






Dreams are not

Easy to desert

Even we wish

To bury them into trenching pit

But all in vain

As they rise up like the Phoenix

And assault us

Making fussy mimicries

Or swirling whims

Underneath this fecund sky.

They look tiny specks

Like scurrying ants

Expanding through hearts

Persistently seeking salvation–

Through impervious walls

Of human quizzical fates

In laughter, whims, and yearnings .

Sometimes they appear

Like ghastly features

To haunt us

When we strive for solace

Beyond the corridors of life.

As steady companions

Dreams keep on patting our backs

And shake hands with us

In most frivolous time of ours

And we cannot despise them

Despite their petulant stupidity

And scintillating pride!

Whatever they do

They turn out ambivalent

And try to seduce us

Into flighty journeys

Like Shelly’s Skylark!

I surmise

What would be our fate

Had there not been dreams

I am sure

There would have been

Tears in our eyes

And we would be sobbing

Day and night !




Bam Dev Sharma

Kathmandu , Nepal



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