Poems by Ugwu Leonard Elvis



ugwu leonard elvis

Poems by Ugwu Leonard Elvis





To hell I say tot his killing, trampling and quake of human nature.

To accept this defeat implies the inscription of torture

To educate, to live and to be intelligent

To kill the useless flash of learning through implementation of tyranny.


Life to its fullness I romance, even when these sweet bitter knowledge is impacted not,

Joy I call, joy they called for, if the generations past is asked

Never did they see the four walls of an institution but to the fullest their life embraces


Today we live this sweet home without a desert head, a white hair and weary skin,

Because our home was called for work, this home for work not for luck,

Work, work, they work for the family for the home and for their stronger generation.


This was done only for your disgrale

Would they embrace today?

They worked for million miles

Today we sit on a fresh air while our robot takes us to our shell


Stronger they are when they worked in the farm

Today how many can I see touch a hoe, all goes for a bulldozer?

Our generation our generation

Acquisition lacks back I call, their voice vibrates

My little ear

“Where Are We”






Oh human! Oh human! To what sketch would you be enslaved

This evil that eats our flesh burns the wood and sends us to doom

I speak today; can you see me in a blink?

Subject we are to the eater of raw meat.


At my arrival you jubilated

Because the opportunity is yours to act

You never seek for opinion

I believe all man be drowned, for this deep river is a friend of no one


Regret is mine to be a guest here

For this untimely creature eats the earth without ethics

You cursed son of the dust

Who shall not partake in the glory of death?






When I cast my mind down

I fight to gain focus which would never loss till dawn

My pen becomes jealous of what it produces

I love to escort my mind whenever it goes and make sun it never refuses.


But a common swing of a door, would be like a contender

Oh! I feel like eliminating the offender

Because a construction has been ruined

If I had a gun, I would pierce it in his head and blow off his brain. For against me he has sinned


Putting your brain down is not child’s play

When people see me in that state I turn to a prey

Then they tend to distrust most

Don’t worry when I see such again only heaven can not forgive me in this coast.


Please allow our champions to show us the light

Unworthy men stay off and ladies play cool because it’s night

Let’s see and bring forth to the world.

If you fee I am wrong don’t do it by your word.



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