Poems by Malek AL-Moussawi / Translated by Ahmed AL-Iraqi



Poems by   Malek AL-Moussawi



Whispered feelings


Your name has become sweet: Repeat

In moments of passion

Forsaking my heart to complain

Let me breastfeed

You are breast

And sleep in your lap orphanage

I am an orphan who

Drowned in tears

Ignored hand waved goodbye

Cries of frustration pursuing me

I came out of burrows

Heartbreak for Trabna

Photos Flirting me , Pugnacity me

I am running and Wash up

Remember you and worship

Temple longing

Eyes anticipation fled

Packaged hankering deadline

To Troy for crossing

For manic

Right in the darkness of absence

To steal back the dawn

Distances of canines

So wake me up

Sunrise attendance

Invited my cheek touches the your cheek

And my Kisses  dancing

With your lips

I feel ecstatic to renovate the debris.



Translated by Ahmed AL-Iraqi



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