Poems by Ruchi Chopra


Poems by Ruchi Chopra





the lone swing

awaits, for its purpose

its nostalgic heart filled with warmth.

awash with barrenness silence prevails

Was it homesickness or abandonment?

or its shoots over bred hatred and intolerance?

stripped of its shine and warmth

its teal colored skin had wilting wounds

and scratches from the disturbed past.

a fragrant wild thistle turns pale,

clinching moon in its blood-soaked palms

it rests there, enduring pain, meekly

pine needles impaled on its chest.


the sturdy swing never lived a solitary life,

its home was bombarded multiple times

leaving frail shadow of an unforgivable past.

its torn existence is breathing thick mist and smoke,

not coming out from friendly barbecue but of hatred and terror.

the burnt rope that cringed to the robust branch, once

now, glued to the withering tree,

its pink flesh, ripped off from its

body or some may say soul,

seems buried in a safe haven,

back to its roots into the womb of mother earth.


~Written by Ruchi Chopra

Brecksville, Ohio, USA




Peace soliloquy


Peace is the whistling wind

that welcomes

seasons’ transient moment

admiring change.


Peace is the thousands lanterns

floating on a lush sapphire ocean

humming prayers for

peace, harmony, love and light.


Peace is the connection that

millions of hearts forms

overcoming shadows of

fears, terror, wars and bloodshed.


Peace is the collective consciousness

that conquer

fragile and numb conscience

to pave way for better tomorrow.


Peace is the soul swaying on a

spiritual melody welcoming

beautifully engraved peace song

opening soul eyes.


Peace is in in radiance when

spiritual incense wafts

to achieve Enlightenment

to welcome peace.


Peace is to wish upon a falling star

and in admiration of Nature

blooming tulips and

in flying birds’ freedom.


Peace is the breaking away

stubborn chains to welcome

fresh breathes

and new beginning.


Peace is the crisp aroma of

home-baked pie, berries,

apples and orchids blooms

filling numb senses.


Peace prevails around us

when we open


welcoming peace.

Peace is conceived in a cosmic womb

when a primordial sound

echoes eternally

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Peace is the rustling of restless papers

when an intense quill

gesture to write

a peace soliloquy.


~Written by Ruchi Chopra

Brecksville, Ohio




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