Peace is inside / Poems by Silvia Ortiz


Poems by Silvia Ortiz



Peace is inside

And it’s all inside
In the war crimes
In the arms trade
And in the growing violence
Schools are of Adobe
And the seats another stone
In the religious faiths
Those who do not hear from the outside
Other fears are cooked
Humanity is dying
In the inequality of rights
And the bulk ingot of blood
About boys and girls
Not born for freedoms alternate
And… On the slopes of the streets the illusions
In the injustice of man
There are only dead letters
And it’s all inside
In the Christ of the blows are bleeding
The ethnic crimes
And There’s a kiss that scares me
Are the women of the ultrajo
And the unconsciousness
Is humanity wound
In not look inside
Is the imposition of his word
Forgetting about the other
The reason is dressed in his suppressed body
And it’s all inside in the arms of your game
And in the life of the birds
And we are guilty of terror among children
And girls when they come to the temple
And in their bodies the rights
They are a broken window
And it’s all inside
When love
Just love you cover
Is Humanity festive
Are the rivers a thousand songs
The Universe is shot down in a star
It’s the universal peace
It’s the calm tragic about the rain
The Ocean is under the dune fresh in your mouth
Are the mothers of the children
And girls amamantadas without fear
The sky is happy in her silence
Now there is peace in the forest of your eyes
And the breath of the time
The bread for the hungry
Is the buffet in the world
Barefoot on the feet of the earth
The inclusion came
And finally came to stay
As human beings do not love the terror
I no longer wear the guns created under pacience
A healthy economy well is the human heart
And it’s peace in the land bells in the soul
A Rosary Perfumed and everything is on the inside
I am the voice of the one who does not speak
I am your source and not forgetting
I am the peace of the universe.


Silvia Ortiz, Fisheye I, 2014


In front of the wounded and missing by violence in these last few days, I’ve stopped my steps, I’ve tried to write something about the events so inhuman and hand so unhealthy. Immersed in pain I leave these verses to prepare for the second world gathering for peace in Peru. The most beautiful prayer that we could embrace is firmly on the very essence of writing and to live in peace… In Poetry. Nice hurts, France is crying. The world in bankruptcy.


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