Poems by SWANSH



Poems by SWANSH



Behind the Shadows


As I walk and walk and walk
My eyes fall back on my shadow
A shadow which grew only in size
And not in its character or personality

And then it struck to me as a bolt
What am I made of as I am today?
Is it the clothes that wear at random?
Or is it the upkeep that I maintain?

Is it the way I shape my body?
Or is it the way I hold myself aloft
Is it the way I look at myself?
Through the eyes of others?

And the silent whispers rattle
And become audible through noises
The whispers from times ancient
Unobtrusively shrieked in abeyance

This whisper says listen my dear
All these things that looks like you
Is not you they are just layers of times
That you lived and breathed since

You are what your choices created
You are what your struggles ferried
You are what your mistakes taught
You are what your love transformed

You are what life beckoned you to Be
And all these can never be found
In those ancient shadows that follow you
Shadows are a just reminder of being alive

Shadows are mere measure of time
That you lived and become as you
Bewildered and awestruck I woke up
And I walk and Walk and Walk.




Multifaceted Curtains


As I walk and walk and walk
My eyelids flutter and vision blurs
A dust particle spying my innards
Eyelids become a protective curtain

And this leads me to think of facets
Of this word curtains in our life
Aren’t these some wonderful veils
That play their important roles

A window at our homes looks naked
Unless a sheath of curtain is draped
A door at our home looks bewildered
Unless a flannel of curtain is hanged

In theatres anywhere a drama or a movie
Without a curtain raiser looks not groovy
In a match of any form on field or indoor
Without a curtain raising act it is a bore

In our random family get together too
A curtain raiser is a talisman against woes
In every office or enclosures around
A curtain hung lucidly is sure to be found

These curtains so lifeless yet colourful
Keep us comforted and cajoled always
It’s not about fears or taboos I speak
It’s about the way we feel and life is lead

Like all other occasions with curtains
As they come down to call it over
In life too there is an invisible curtain
That waits to call it a day as and when

I die one day for another journey for certain
No hard feelings as I walk and walk and walk




The DE venerated Toys


As I walk and walk and walk
Amid the day’s routines and rushes
Amid the wonderful poetries around
Amid the acrid gallery of breaking news

I search for some light moments alone
Some toys that I used to play with
In my childhood surroundings
Where have they gone I recount

We have grown in many a spheres
Knowledge, materialistically, population
Comforts, space and receding nature
Extinction prone animals and lives

We have grown from or childhood
Into some alien adults who failed
To nurture our ensuing childhood
Fear and violence replacing smiles

The toys that we used to play with
The soft toys, the mechanised toys
The teddy bears, the monkey drummer
The balloons, the rubber balls

We have outgrown them in our growth
Replacing our loving toys altogether
With toys of means of destruction
Toys that spit fire and extinguish life

Toys that are cloned as means of death
Toys that are no more a means to giggle
They have become a means to deliver death
Whither have we progressed and grown

I feel sorry for the deaths all around
Deaths that are forced and untimely
Families left in dead pools of blood
Children left lurching for an arm of love

Whither have we progressed and grown
Happiness of sharing time and space
Replaced with eerie aloofness
Oh my head splits and my eyes pain

As I wipe the sweat pots from my eyes
And tap a palm or two on my ears
I come back to this world of growth
As i lamely walk and walk and walk.


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