PROCEEDINGS of the meeting of the RESTRICTED CONGRESS OF THE WUP / by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand (India)





by  Dr. Jernail Singh Anand (India)


The meeting was held to discuss modalities to celebrate 15th August, 2016, as International Day of the WUP for the Special People of the Earth.




Silvano Bortolazzi


The meeting was inaugurated by Cav. Silvano Bortolazzi, World President of the WUP and the conduct was managed by Dr. George Onsy, International Director and Deputy Secretary.

Presidents and International Directors from various territories such as Hawai, Italy, India, USA, Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria, Egypt, Washington, were present in good number.

The following decisions were taken:

1. It was decided to celebrate the 15th August, 2016, as International Day of the WUP for the Special People of the Earth.

2. Spelling out in detail, the Chairman Dr. Anand informed the house that we want to focus attention on those people who helped mankind in one way or the other, and who are still alive, or dead, unsung. There are so many innovators, so many people who worked for the down trodden, so many people in the family, or the next door, .. Let the poets sing of those who loved mankind.

3. It was unanimously decided that A POSTER will be developed and for this Prof. Nagasuseela Panchumarthi was assigned the duty to go ahead with the poster. Ade Caparas Manilah will also help in the exotic designing of the Poster.

4. This poster will be put up at the next meeting of the International Directors for approval, and then adopted.

5. It was decided that on 15th August, 2016, members will get in touch with school and college students, and impress upon them the value of remembering the special people of the earth.

6. For this, competitions in painting and slogan making, etc. may be organized to inspire the students with lofty thoughts.

7. A Special Show of Poetry, Painting, Videos, Songs will be organized on 15th August, 2016. This public page will be designed by Ade Caparas Manilah and all the poets will be able to post their best compositions relating to this topic in the show.

8. George Onsy came up with the suggestion of using art works for the promotion of lofty themes like the one under discussion. Such exhibits will be most welcome at the WUP page for the purpose.

9. The idea of having an Anthology also came up for which Prof.Muhammad Shanazar and Prof. Nagasuseela Panchmurthi offered to volunteer. The chair appreciated their offer, but was deferred for the time being.

10.All the members expressed unanimity on the decisions taken, and promised that they would put in all their energies to create a better world, by remembering the best that has been.

11.The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair, and to the World President, Cav. Silvano Bortolazzi, who announced the closure of the meeting with thanks to all those who participated in the meeting.



jernail S Anand

DR . Jernail S Aanand
President, World Congress
and Ambassador, WUP.



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