Poems by Günsel Djemal



Poems by Günsel Djemal



Ledra smells a little bit of coffee and cigarette


The barricades of this country should be left alone

Lips closed like letter envelopes

At each passage from it’s doors

The sea should flow from the reverse

Died from caesarean section’s and resurrected

We keep Aphrodite as a wound

Five Fingers are engraved in our hearts

Since Ayşe fell onto this mountain

From the call of the Trodos, Mouflon’s weep

What legends we left behind us

Railways, camel’s, inn’s

Which mountain we came accross begins Ayşe

Ours is similar to ticketless journey’s

From prohibitions and hazards alight now

Or jump from the wall

A porcupine has passed from the border

The window glass is broken

Everyone is asleep

Should I hold gently and kiss

It’s a secret truce I’m afraid I might disrupt

Under the moonlight its skin does not bleed

Stands like phosphorescence

And Ledra smells a little bit of coffee and cigarette.


Günsel Djemal Elüstün 16.03.2015 London




If I had a brother


from the walls of the Othello castle

by demolishing a brother came

the day I have flown the wings of the crickets

beyond the oceans

in fairy tales with their disturbed hearts

you brought pigeons

while leaning on the stone walls

I poured into phosphorescence

you came

If I had a brother

all the weapons would have been rotted.


Günsel Djemal Elüstün 18.09.2014




The season is always spring


Which letters are the texture and the scent?

As much as your flesh

Which book is the language of promise and verbal consideration?

Which poem reads a finger and recognises a signature

As much as your flesh

The meaning of the stance of a letter and the sea is pallor

How could I teach you this language my love

Letters of poetry and climates are discovered on your skin

From top to bottom

How many lives have steamed away?

The letter looks at the letter

Then burns itself

Love is on your skin at all times

Thy skin is a sworn witness

Absentia and premeditation

Confession of illegal love making

Innocent and embarrassed redness on my face

You are painting inside of me

ROSE leaks on to my skin

The season is always spring.


©Günsel Djemal ELÜSTÜN 24.12.12 London




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