Poems by Lily SWARN


Poems by Lily SWARN





When a poet loves you

he immortalises you for posterity

His pen has bled his heart onto a virgin space

Sometimes a racking sob escapes the nib

Often a tearful shriek of protest reaches an ear

Words get wings of fire

They spout venomous volleys

Dragons and snakes creep out of the verses


A love sick poet has magical powers to beckon the moon and the stars

They jump to do his bidding

The breeze turns fragrant for him

Flowers lend their hues and charms

The Rose and jasmine know the poet by his first name

As they are often called upon to speak on his behalf !!


A writer erects a monument for his beloved

Not unlike the pristine moon soaked Taj Mahal

Each poem is a goddess incarnate

Each paragraph a temple

Caravan loads of readers will read the curves and nuances

Of the beloved

Artfully hidden in the myriad metaphors and besotted images


How can anyone ever forget you once a poet has loved you?

His verses will yell out loud and proclaim it to the world

No testimony will be required

One glance at the poem and the whole story will unfurl like a fluttering prayer flag in the distant Himalayas !


Copyright Lily Swarn 27.7.2016






People grow on you

Like trees


They grow like trees laden with cherry blossoms

bent double with the weight of their goodness

Attracting butterflies, hypnotic and magnetic!


They grow like Jack’s beanstalk

Strong and coiled

Protectively entwined around your phobias and fears

They make you reach up to the sky in a veritable fairy land


People also grow like the virus

Never ever leaving you

Immune to all antibiotics

becoming one with your life blood

Living off your breath


They might even grow

like your hair

Not indispensable

but making you sad if you ever have to part with the dense locks cascading behind your back

Cocooning and sheltering you with their glimmering fall


Yes, people do grow on you !


Copyright lily Swarn 22.12.2015






Frosty fingers of frailties and foibles

Dipping deep into dusky dregs of distress

Frozen fronds of fallible fears

Ducking down into dim dazes of dreams !


Copyright Lily Swarn 28.12.2015






Benaras brocade

Your silken web

Woven around

my satin sobs


Kashmir saffron

Your iridescent hues

Delicately shading

My aching dreams


Temple basil

Your divine aura

Secretly Perfuming

My holy hopes


When did you

Decide to stab

The faith inside

My trusting heart ?


Copyright Lily SWARN 24.7.2016



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