Poems by Maria Miraglia

maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia





The sky streaked

with the colors of the sunset

the air mild

not a leaf moves

and the cicalas untired

of their morning singing

go on chirping

My soul longs for peace

that my gaze searches

in the reassuring shades

of the coming night

but the faces of the murdered people

like slides of a movie slowly

but stubbornly cross my mind

and their lives I can see

as light colored soap bubbles

gracefully rising up

to quickly vanish

and hear cries

of grief and pain

for the violated bodies

coming from anywhere

feel their mothers’ pain

their endless mourning

their silent tears

once off on them the spotlights

The front pages of

newspapers and magazines will have

new blood deeds to tell

perhaps tomorrow

or the day after tomorrow

Soon the Promenade des Anglais

will be crowded

of smiling people

forgetful of the dead

children will be playing

in the near parks and meadows

and romantic tunes played

in the cafes along the city boulevards.


@ Maria Miraglia



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