Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Never weep !

Never weep , mourn any more ,
Sharp spines of roses are gone.

His flute makes a lasting spring ,
Trees bow , when he sings.

With music, dance plants and flowers ,
Frozen mountains melts to shower.

Desires as winged dreams flying high ,
Tell me dearest , why to shy?

Sweet music creates an art ,
Killing sadness , grief of heart.

Music in air colour my cheeks ,
Reflection of pink on my lips.

Stars in heaven smiling at you ,
Twinkling to explore with orient hues.

Now our veins are filled with kind fire,
We sing of dews , of wild flowers.

We may not lift the veil of future,
With love , we feel life fuller and richer.



You look into cloud and feel restless
In darkness I sense your essence.

In your eyes ,vision of grace
I sit for hours , gazing into space.

You are a wild stream rock on rocky bed
On memory of sand mark footprints in red .

A sovereign ruler of a land that you have carved
Keeping the flag flying , we all march .

You are uniquely gifted, so creative !
Violent storms within make you aggressive .

A complex developmental disability
Has affected your ability.

What you need is our care and support
Typical signs of yours was a challenge to report.

Never had a ripple on deep ocean of life
Your touch my angel , is a real delight.

Can’t imagine my world without you
Bless your steps for a life graceful.

Rajashree Mohapatra©

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