The Pampered Youngsters / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
The Pampered Youngsters
Kevin wants to hog the television,
With further plans to engage in play station,
The chosen CDs spread disorderly
Remote control in hand ready,
In haste to view them all eagerly.
Mina is already sprawling all bent,
In front of the set,
To accompany her brother with the mindset,
Snacks in plenty to feast.
Not missing anything in the least.
At Tina’s orders, potato chips are made by mum,
With a coke can in hand, almost frozen.
Seated in her comfort zone,
On the huge sofa set,
Eyes glued on the television set.
Wining for more Nutella of late
On his slices of bread,
After having devoured
Almost half a bar of a chocolate,
The lack of it, Ryan berates.
Away from the natural air giving much vigour,
Away from the lush green vegetation’s ardour,
With the huge bowers so lovely,
Away from the hills, dales, the valleys,
And the birds twittering in the trees.
Away from the lakes, the landscapes, displaying their coolness
In picturesque pristine wilderness,
The rivers rustling gaily,
Meandering, reaching the sea,
Through quiet villages and cities in glee.
Away from the shimmery white, luring beaches,
The inviting waves crushing on the shores,
The sun, sand, and sea offering
Activities, from boating, surfing, para sailing,
Snorkelling, scuba diving to deep sea fishing,
Or on sunrise or sunset the eyes feasting.
Away from the playgrounds, the games,
The life offering human touch,
The friends, and the camaraderie
The sharing of love, tenderness,
The invigorating laughter …
Why dear youngsters are you voluntarily inviting nooses,
The traps of weakness?
Why not welcome the overwhelming,
Abundant pleasures, waiting, calling
With open embracing arms, for relaxing?

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