Every little thing / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Every little thing
Amazes the child inside me
It fills my soul with happiness in whatever little things I see
Be it a paper boat sailing in the waterlogged roads
Or the petite village woman carrying a huge load
The fall autumn leaves’ whispers in the air
Little things maybe but I do care
The cry of a new born or the giggles of a kid
All bring me joy at however small maybe the deed
The day and night ,the sun or the moon
Maybe little for you , but to me it’s a boon
I still wonder at the moving clouds in the sky
Or marvel at how high the birds can fly
When my little sons grow up and stand tall
I feel blessed I’m among you all
A little bit stress or a little humiliation
Taught me life’s great lessons
A little love or a little care wherever I get
I remain grateful to them as some little insults I never forget
I feel how huge is the circle of life.

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