Poems by Huda Kraid / Translated by  Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

Poems by Huda Kraid
Let the coincidence arrange,
The last meeting,
In the quietness of your eyes,
The coffin opens,
It eclipses every dream,
and on the unbridled breast,
blast out the applauses of the revolutionaries,
along the years,
My love is ancient love-infatuated inscriptions,
How do I love the cortex of light,
It shrouds patience enfeebled by the scars of agony,
Your fragrance dazed the sky,
The brook bounces up the naked light,
The bells of grief were muted,
They were rung in the ‘Eid’ elegies,
How sweet the poems of the moon are!
They are praise hymns recited by the moon.
On the quay of waiting
I became an adjourned being
a mere memory of man
I am begging meaning
choked with episodes
Which, like a devil, revel in me,
On the quay of day,
I sought generosity
But avarice was my reward
And embers of the fire torment,
On the pathway of grieved dignity,
I spilled the last drop of water,
And stifled the last appetite,
Where the ghosts of longing dwell on the ruins of night,
Sipping the toast of the dark nights,
At the quay of life,
I supplicated emptiness,
And the distant star,
I wept my ruined abodes,
Scattering on the coasts of time.
Translated by  Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

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