Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



… freshness grips spirit
I shudder when your name is mentioned
fingers embrace glass with honey wine
I continue to lose my judgment.
What to say to the loving heart
shadow, ah the shadow goes away
eyes again tears pour out
I try to meet her again
I beg you do not make any noise
listen to the sounds of the heart
only for you tonight stars shine
followed by the notes of the Vienna waltz.
Quiet night
my lungs feel flavor of daffodils
shades calms midnight
it is the night of submission
dressed in translucent white
the candle rays spilled the body lines
as the fire of the forest sparks my lust.
Oh, what a miracle, SHE came!
Midnight, the first spring narcotic
the magic of unwritten love
offering watery lips
scraping the warm white bed covered with silk.



For sure I was arrogant
outdoor adventurer
sometimes eyes sailing out 
into the unknown seeking entertainment.
Suddenly came to my house
bringing twilight tranquility
it was at dawn of The Day of Hope.
Smiling Mother noticed
said, the bride is wonderful
we did not reach the boy to calm down
my adventurous son domesticated!
I descended to the ground
dear, young lady
I gave up to your words
eyes that donated love
the promises of elegance
the first nectar’s kisses
the door of the future
spring welcomed me.
Drunk me as drugs
subordinating I became to your being
you cured my spoiled ego
calmed down storms of weakness
leading me to the path of happiness.
The yacht of tranquility in the lagoon anchored stands
the idyll of life continues
pleasure is enriching bright tomorrows.


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