Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Truth remains truth,
Truly reliable as naked truth;
Trial of these days, 
Truncate truthful nowadays!

Thrashing of the truth,
Triumphs to appear as truth ;
Touting truth find,
Tavern luxurious in downwind!

Thrilling in truth,
Tiresome be all along in truth;
Threads seems frail,
Thoughtless for heathern frail!

Thoughtful seek truth,
Thoroughly persistent for truth;
Testify humane to present,
Truthfulness from Omnipresent!

Thicket of love in truth,
This time around ascent in truth;
Terrain of humanity fine,
Treat timeline soulful as sunshine!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 27/07 /2019



Natural justice,
Nowadays become,
Novel play doll, 
Ninny hands on ball!

Nip in the bud,
Nifty man all bound,
Niche of ulcer,
Next in time as cancer!?

Nestle in power,
Nest ways of power,
Never to allow,
Next friend as sower!

Norm democratic,
Name being nepotistic,
None hearty term,
Normally erudite term!

Neuter in logic,
Neutralize all as illogic,
Neoteric just,
Naive to be in His just!?

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 27/07/2019



Gain ground in familiarizing,
Gainful love be, as self vanishing;
Gratuitous be actions in living, 
Gratitude be only for Him granting!

Gracile be pictures optimizing,
Gradual taming of life mystifying;
Gracious would be outsourcing,
Graciously lovely love be projecting!

Gorgeous atmosphere giving,
Grace of breath in womb sprouting;
Glimmer along Ma in attuning,
Glitter of love Lord’s all astonishing!

Glory of human ever visualizing,
Glossary of cries firstly glib gilding;
Gloomy faces lit up full blooming,
Glare of life’s tone be proclaiming!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 26/07/2019


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