Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan



Oh my love ,be with me
To make me forget the world
Be with me to tell tales of chivalry.
Be with me t o take me
To a different realm
To show the beauty of loving

Be with me to show
The way of loving
Be with me to show
The grace in living
What makes me hold you
Is the pure form of love
That you have for me.

Whenever you are with me
I lack in words of expression.

In your presence comes

A twinkle in my eyes
A charm in my face
A smile on my closed lips
Showing modesty
And dignity to make the world
Recognize that you
Are in my deepest possession



Look not on me like this
You Kindle passions in me
like ocean’s
Caress not me like this
What others do.
Do wonders with in
The wink of an eye.
Cast a spell as if in a dream
So sweetly bewitched by your glance
Always willing to be under slumber
Like the lotus eaters.
Dancing and singing in sleeping.
Ready to forget the responsibilities
The commitments in life.
Drench me with dues of love
Hold me in your arms as if like a child
Never releasing me from your fold
For me you are everything
But for you I will die.
The constancy of of love is such
Even seasons change but I
‌Will never change.

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