Poems by Malek Saleh Al-Mussawi / Translated by: Hiba Ahmed Ghosn


Poems by Malek Saleh Al-Mussawi



A sign of need


Killed silence me

I took off shy me

Nothing scares me hinders

Here I will seem

In the courtyard of Alacrity

And raise the banner of my need

Dont launches lead

Parsimony Ali

receive me in all

Spaciousness love

Before the reins slip

Feelings from me

Behold, I am still

Love alive

I carry with me all the aches

Who admired

Put a highball return

In waiting Cup

drink in your presence.



Pavement of Rave


Bells of passion

Awakened my sense

Your beauty fascinated me

Ever since I saw you I lost my mind

A tumble meets me

And other leaves me

Guide me to the road

leading to you

Put your heart into mine

Don’t leave me

I’ll sleep on the pavement of rave

And will be covered by your photos

Till i’ll be awaken up again

By your humming voice

Be the medicine

To my endless suffering

Never let confusion holds you back

Come close and play

The music of laughter

To ease my fife pain.



Malek Saleh Al-Mussawi / Iraq

Translated by: Hiba Ahmed Ghosn / Lebanon



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