Poems by Opak Ingram

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Poems by Opak Ingram



Foundation of Love


Foundation of love
, the pursuit of happiness
the essence of souls’

Exists with a glimpse
of god within,

A purpose
of god

Creates the reflection

The beauty of god
of completion

you can not feel the glimpse
of god
with out

The foundation
of love
in the mist

of god

looking in.


© copyright\2014
all rights reserved

Written By/Opal Ingram (c)

@Opal Expressions





A Prayer Note 



The beauty of life
In a undivided world
grace, and mercy is
in your hand, you are
my provider you sustain
me, of life in a divided world
hopeless, sometimes beautiful
in own way` you are the god
of life, the god of faithfulness
full of grace fill with goodness
of light awesome in your ways
faithfully you sustain me` you
are able happiness within the
god of life you all the glory.



© Opal Ingram

August 13/2015

@Opal Expressions
Poetress Mystic – aka






Passions intangible beneath
The Wind’ the touch of you
Like the softness of wet rain’
beneath the wind~~~~~~~~~
embracing in the Sun
The illusion of hearts
flowing like sitting beneath
The wind, fill with a touch
of rain indulge in a fantasy
of heated emotions beneath
The wind intangible, fill with
The essence of Time Passions.


Copyright (c) 2014
Written by Opal Ingram




The Joy Of God


The joy of God
Starts at dawn

He opens his curtain call the start of
The Day


The Night before he plants the presence of his
Joy, he covers the universe with all his mighty

He starts with his hands of Grace
He prays over his children mankind

The Joy of God he provides abundantly
he starts with his joy` with a smile lighten
up by the sun he sits in Glory.

The Joy to powerful but not to observe his
joy always place with favor, he sits in joy
In every season.

He always starts with a seed where it rises to
destiny way created from a billion years before

He sits in Glory

The Joy of God always starts with the love
of God embrace in the Souls he created he
knows the makes of every hand and feet walk
he’s there from our first to our last he sits in

The Joy of God.



0pal Ingram
@Opal Expressions







Fragile with only a surface touch`
like flutter on a brain with no breeze
trap in a door where vulnerability is
fragile door.with just only a surface

Perhaps you are the same fragile but
from a different surface , a image of
not I or you` fragile with only a surface

Like flutter on a brain with no breeze

Fragile is nothing to a empty soul

Vulnerability is fragile door with

Only a surface touch.


Written By – Opal Ingram ©

@Opal Expressions




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