Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Nowhere is blind to draw picturesque phenomena
even in deepest night of no eye as silence acts on
like knight to glance into visionless haze of hidden words
as witless milestone to count speed of wind
and velocity of distance.
facts of reality gather brush of hairy hands to decipher mystery
bailing out illusive act of unobtrusiveness to redefine
lost history of time then left lone to disown
like gold man to assay the innocence of raindrops
over murky dusts adhered to purity.
nothing lapses to divide and re divide zero of elusion
to dissipate plume of skittered semblance
in and around circle of precision to curve tangent
craving at chord of plexus to surmise circumspection.
We are what we are by the law of gravity to abound
into map of mellow moment ramping over symphony
of silence tagging at door of tinkering voice of cry
to behold sanity of love as referred uncertain
like motionless maze of quagmire.
yet who knows the enigmatic path of mysteries to bail out truth from matrix of quantum time and space yet illusive and unobtrusive.
lest intimacy of soul,
ever at all
finds its own way to reach into core of fusion fleshing out barriers around in quest of truth of reason to reason out love of empathy.
In between today and yester years nothing is visible over the mirror of slippery time yet lulled to lost across inscrutable inevitables,
as shadow of day flicks to flake away into black hole of night shambling beneath like a seamless mellow vaccum.
none is nowhere to adore maze of revelation to admire musky breeze of breeze into spring of skittery dynamics of blue to treasure into chest of open sky.
yet I may follow emptiness of universe onto.last flip of eternity to gravitate
like flux of magnet to roll on through eras and eons for quest to epilogue into evanescence of convergence.
Maze of nowhere in reminiscence of halcyon days to remember the musky intimacy of then time again,
as senseless song to admire distant clouds to weave rainbow of reason,
reality is the inevitable force to decry twist of darkness to paint empathy of love to allay dread of silhouette from shore of sandy dunes.
clarity lapses to adore flecking shadow of frozen time into haze of conviction to embrace into lap of sanctum sanctorum
as blaze of sun suffers blanket of clouds to lay warmless over chilled pine to sustain joy of green in valley of foregone era of illusive eons
for breeze of glory to blow over blaze of blossom in spring of colors yet unattuned.
stillness of silence is still the healing factor of solace to adore into innocenc of wellness
when tongues of darkness babbles at blithe ignorance to croon of no avail of trust.
for twisted time of torque path of silence is the best way to resolve sanity of spirit in adherence to reminiscence of tomorrow.
@dr.subhendu Kar.

4 thoughts on “Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

  1. Your poems spin a mood, a mood woven by highly creative phraseology. You impress dear poet.
    Jagdish Prakash

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