Poems by Ewelina Maria

Poems by Ewelina Maria


The Last Moment To Come To One’s Senses

The punishment will not pass us
for the evil of this world.
Our own betrayal and hubris,
It killing us.
Egoism destroy into us
remainder of society,
And indifference
it soak into our pure blood.



the world is changing around me
I am shrinking like trodden grass
I have less and less time
to find my own grail



Through the eyes of my soul, I stare at the world
Of mysterious weaves of mundanes matters.
I wander through the meanders of life,
I go astray in a maze of illusions.
I am asking my heart for the way,
Which is immersed in despair,
Taken away from the mother’s womb.
And time, what was my ally of yore,
Unavoidably becomes my enemy today.


Bright Dimension

In the expanses of hope,
On the angel’s wings,
I am flying merrily.
The blue sky stretches own arms,
So that I could to rise such high.
To releasie fatigue from a torn heart,
And from a jagged soul.
To become a bright dimension,
For your true love.

2019 © Ewelina Maria

2 thoughts on “Poems by Ewelina Maria

  1. Marvelous expressions
    Marvelously depicted precisely!
    Magnificent views
    Meticulously articulated!

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