Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy



What is ruling the hearts and minds of people everywhere?
To know about this we all have to see the advertisements;
Whether it is car or concrete iron rod or perfume or dress,
All give importance to sex appeal to attract customers…!

In the Kali Yuga time, all bad things will be treated as good,
Good has no place in anything, -place of love is taken by lust,
All these symptoms lead to destruction in everything everywhere
By earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and land slides..!

All that glitters are treated as gold and natural beauty has
No place of appreciation, Invaluable things are treated as
Valueless due to low mindedness in men’s thinking and taste
For aestheticism will give way to bizarre modern like things!

Lustful acts, rapes, murders, looting, stealing, desecration
Of shrines and radical religious bigotry are indications of Kali!



Humans are subjected to political, economic and social developments;
Indeed after such developments only, humans can enjoy real freedom
Politically, economically and socially in any nation of the world;
Until then all have to be pulling on the days with political freedom!

Freedom and independence of humans are just a dream for encouragement;
Unless socio-economic development is achieved for all, freedom is virtual;
Development of a nation has to pay attention to agriculture and industry
For total economic development feasibility by export of products across globe!

Mere taxation on business and people are not making any real development;
Catching global market to increase and accrue revenue to nation is development;
That’s the way burden of tax on people can be minimized and removed totally;
In that way tax-less State in the place where real freedom to all is possible!

Ruling power of a nation should function as a good leader but never like a
Task dictating boss to slaves for promoting patriotism and love of nation ever!


Who is Honourable and Respectable in the World?

Artistic paintings, masterpieces of literature and such great works,
Many say, are invaluable and eternally have high reception everywhere;
Now, unless everything has money value, no one sees or touches even
As such things are considered as worthless ones in the material world!

Even prize, honour, titles and such respectable aspects of world sans
The accompaniment of money are beyond the scope of many to understand
And appreciate such achievers as they believe them to be good for nothing
In the modern world that is functioning due to payment of money for all!

Individually working as businessman or industrialist are not relied upon
Like the one working in a job earning millions of money anywhere in world;
Money got out of education and job only is believed to be reliable but not
the income got out of business or industry or agriculture as sure one ever!

Respect, honour and reliability are upon on the ones doing jobs outside
But not for ones standing on their own legs by earning to live independently;
Artists, geniuses, scientists and poets are never looked on as great ones
Unless they are popular and capable of making millions of money forever!

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