Prometheus’s Song – Huda Kraid (Tunisia) / Translated : Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

Poem by Huda Kraid (Tunisia)
Prometheus’s Song
I hate traffic signs
And road’s, too,
I’d like walking endlessly
In the tempting whisperings are treasured
the secrets of what will come,
There is no place for me to contain
Even desert by my dreams overwhelmed
Here am I on the sheets of the sky
Drifting, like the universe bride,
Listening so attentively to its inspiration,
For how long will the looking satisfy me?
And when will I be human-like?
How many a time did an answer ravish the question core?
O my heart, give me to deceptions
Suddenly I create
Aladdin closed all the containers,
And outrageously lurks in my chest does the titan,
Mind is boiling with ideas.. it surges,
I want everything at the very moment,
Prometheus whispers
Under my pillows at night,
Haven’t you tasted the pleasure of disobedience?
Frustration is at sight O, man,
Let the oppressive alienation write,
The home expels its fellows and the earth harbours exiles,
When will the wine be served
And the nightingales sing?
Drunk are the notes,
In my dreaming soul
Smashing the rocks of oppression,
The hordes of promise
Besieging the city of tedium,
Battling… reciting the tenth commandments,
O how heavy the rock is on the buds
Here am I waiting for a miracle
A changeover .
Translated : Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

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