Black Stones / Poem by Matthew Pollock

Poem by Matthew Pollock


Black Stones

Black stones unturned, death a silent cry
Broken winged angels, can no longer fly
Walls hiding light, suffocating our wrong
The lost and fallen, murmur a sad song

Eyes leaking belief, echoes lonely sound
Legs shaking still, struggles above ground
Laughter in reverse, smiles wearing thin
The lost and fallen, their world caving in

Society in a daze, nowhere left to turn
Morals now escape, forever we will burn
Depression in a box, anxious of a might
The strong survive, using all their fight

Nights restless still, our insomniac fails
Dreamy dark shadows, cast drifting sails
Stones into rocks, bleeding souls of pain
Reset times clock, perhaps now all in vain

© Matthew Pollock

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