Poems by Basudeb Chakraborti

Poems by Basudeb Chakraborti


My Visit To Her ‘Elfin Grot’

Then I ask my lady,
How many days in a year you were happy,
How many moments you shed tears secretly,
How many autumnal evenings you get blissfully,
She gazes at me with her penetrating eyes,
Simply she nods her head and lends me her ryes.

Again I ask her,
What leads you to come here,
Hence you have come to me at this moment,
Let us go to the balcony,
And enjoy the bliss of this darky moonlight,
She stands up and says,right.

We sit on the outer sofa side by side
She clasps my face with her petal like rosy palm ,
The midnight time, we slide into quiet balm
She flooded me with kisses four in her ‘Elfin grot’.
I want this moment to last long for ever,
And let this union of our two souls never waver.

Adieu ! this celestial image in my eyes breaks ,
With harsh sounds and I ponder on my dreams,
Is it a monologue or anything else ?
She is now an absence,in my eyes,she a presence.
She comes to me and fades away into vacuum,
Is it my midnight waking dream or it’s otherwise ?

( Born is this poem after reading some Poems
of Keats and Browning.)
Copyright @ Basudeb Chakraborti, Calcutta,01/07/2019.


The Midnight Yearning

Sleep at the .midnight,
I hate its plight ,
Who creates this network ?
Who enjoys this midnight sleep carrot ?
This is the high time to ponder privately
Upon my space with no worry and anxiety ,

And I enjoy the mysterious, grey moon light
Now I think any damn thing that may not be right.
Sex, love, friendship and my family relationship,
With the world and my dear, no impediments,
I love this time that needs no monitor,
l love this moment caring no advise of my doctor

Life precious and lovable, only one life to lead ,
We see our birth certificate and all our degrees
We can see and estimate all our earthly records,
Not the passport to cross the bar in the horizen
And this is the unending life’s quest .
This haunts me much,, what will be the next.

Copyright @ Basudeb Chakraborti, 03/07/2019 .

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