Jenny Dejager (Belgium)

Jenny Dejager (Belgium)

Jenny Dejager has received higher education and works as an official. She has been on various courses of writing. She has published seven collections of poetry: De smaak van stilte, In vlindervlucht naar de regenboog, Twee voetstappen later and Naast de liefde, De aanhalingstekens van liefde en troost, Een glimlach in de mondhoeken van de troost, Avondreizen van muurzweet en parels and she has also published two novels: Een pause voor passie en Thérèse Levasseur, weduwe van Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
She is at present working on a novel and a collection of poetry.


My name is Hanne

I’m the girl with the red hair, all the way.
Not amused by the jokes about the colour of my hair.
The colour of my life is red and I follow that colour.
A little disorientated, but I never forget the sailor in me,
who takes me back home over the big turbulent sea.
I’m a girl with power in the little toe of her bold fantasies.


On ashes

I’m standing on ashes,
on which words of loneliness are built.
It is far away from the place where they have been burnt.
And I’m always standing on a graveyard.
I’m still a correspondent between earth and fire.


The boy

The boy with dashes in his shirt
with one leg under his butt
He sits there like a dreamy surprise.
As a toddler, a traveller, a rascal.
This boy has an artifactual way to go and stands where he wants.
He creates colours on his way of reality
in a willing manner from the gently boy.

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