The Holy Mars – Sidra Afzal / Translated by Muhammad Azram

Poem by Sidra Afzal


The Holy Mars

When fact disappeared
From the eyes of gods
Then it transformed into reality
Whether fact transformed into reality or not
But surely it turned into dreams
Like Me and You
Till yesterday, we were mere dream
But — today, we are ‘A Naked Truth’
Blended in mud of Disgrace
In shape of broken promises
Burning in furnace of process
Swallowing days and ejecting nights
walking and Falling, and balancing ourselves again
Have you witnessed
Our habitat
Which were on Holy Mars?
Now we’re on Earth
None is conscious of that very fact now
That we are evolving
From one world to another world
Now we are lost in universe
Same story is dancing, revolving and evolving
And , everything is same
The scenes; which were leading us in our dreams
Are pushed back
who pushed them back?
The same question
I asked in the last century
But till that , you were a mere dream
And today my reality is twinkling
with your scattered appearance
Ask the gods
The Holy Mars
Was a habitat of my forefathers
and this life on this Earth?
This is a Dream or a Reality?
Open holy scriptures
Tell— why the History is Silent?


Translated by Muhammad Azram

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