DREAMS THAT CHANGED ANA / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
I’ll trick you and take you to the North Pole, Ana
there I will look after you as little drops of water in my palm
there I’ll warm you up with love
I’ll make the most beautiful city of ice in all colors for us
and decorate it with crystal dreams
I will keep you away from all spells and all earthly evils
I’ll build you a big ice aquarium
with a million blue fish and a million pearl shells
I’ll make sleds from carved ice crystals
and drag them around the North Pole
up to the big ice star
while you dream our dreams
and hide us in them secretly
all will envy us that we have found shelter
for the two of us in unfulfilled dreams
coming true in unrationed bites of Mahalla
that always surprise
the playpen with large ice walls
that fire cannot melt
we’ll sail on ice floes
that float toward Newfoundland
we’ll play with penguins all night long
and eat fresh sea fruits
I will host the greatest earthly Ball
in your honor
once a month
we will dance with dolphins
and whisper to them the origin of life
in our undefined world
we will show them how we kiss each other
until the ice under our feet becomes
beautiful crystal figurines
Ana, if you dream about me tonight
pretend I’m holding you in my arms and kissing you
on our yacht of blue ice crystals
while the sun goes down in your heart
I’ll bring you a handful of the most beautiful diamonds
hidden deep in the waters of Antarctica
and I will make the most unusual string of pearls for you
and dress your beautiful neck vividly
as I once did with oxeye daisies
I’ll teach you how easy it is to love me
in all seasons
in all the constellations
Ana you know I do not lie to you
Keep hiding in your dream…
the one I enjoy most
and have a beautiful life
because I cannot hide from it
cannot protect against all Mahalla’s dangers
life is too short to allow it to dissipate around Mahalla
but those dreams with you are something else
something that could outlive even myself

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