Fethi SASSI (Tunisia)

Fethi SASSI (Tunisia)
He was born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul ( Tunisia) .
He is a writer of prose poetry and short poems and haiku ; translator of all his poems to English .
A member in the Tunisian Writers’ Union ; and in the Literature club at the cultural center of Sousse .
1- first book entitled “A Seed of Love” was published in 2010.
2- ) I dream …. and I sign on birds the last words ) in 2013 .
3- ” A sky for a strange bird “ first edition in Egypt in 2016.
Second edition in September 2018 in Tunisia .
4- published in Egypt in march 2017(As lonely rose ..one a chair)
5- Poetic book in 2018 Egypt ( I used to hang my face behind the door)
1- Translated book is published in Canada 2017 ( and you are the entire poem ) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B072M3MYPM
2- Translated book was for the Turkish poetess H. Karahan
(poems to the shadows ) in 2017 .
3- Translated book to Arabic titled ( poems to Aphrodite ) for the poet M. Algitakis published in Egypt in 2018.
4- Translated French book in HARMATTAN France for the third Arabic book ( Ciel pour un oiseau étranger ) .
5- Translated book of the American poet S.Bohen with 5 translators . titled : god’s silence a lion’s roar .in 06.2018 .
6- Translated English short poetry book in Canada in 7.2018 titled ( wings and butterflies ) .
7- Translated English short poetry book in Zimbabwe in 07.2018 (I throw a star in wine glass )
https://www.amazon.com/I-Threw-Star WineGlass/dp/0797493352/ref=mp_s_a_1_1 ie=UTF8&qid=1530881130& sr=8-
1&pi=CB1275522461_AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=I 20thre w%20a%20star%20in%20a%20wine%20glass%20by%20Feth %20sassi
8- A short poetry book titled ( All the universe is the face of my beloved)
in three languages Arabic English and French in September 2018 .
Like a star
My heart hangs like a star .
I play with it like a child .
I throw it at night to the girl next door;
She also knows quite well
That my heart is a key to other worlds
So she doesn’t throw it at night
In the streets for passersby
But she hangs it on her bosom to light the night
The night that screams every time the clouds cry…
I will not find anything
In the neighborhood I sit alone
Soaking my dreams and fixing my fingers
In front of the house the neighbor plays with my shadow
And I am keen to let my touch her bellybutton
She knows me
For I will not find anything there except for a drop of sweat
That hid her face from sunlight.
On the sidewalk
This is how poetry is written
On the streets, or on the sidewalk
Or on the cement of dreams hanging from a swing
Do not wonder too much
All poets have walked for long on the sidewalk
Lonely in the outdoors
And I for one, sitting near the sea to breathe a poem
Then I throw a pebble in the water
And leave with the first confused wave.
A cloud in a glass of wine
My Mam, in my absence
Do not turn on the light
Just fulfill your passion in my absence
And read some Nietzsche
And (zarditch) may become your son
When you sleep with him in the lap of a rose
Light the twilight in the whiteness
And if you get the chance,
Wake up with the species of words
Be a night I read in my book
Or a cloud in a glass of wine,
until the twilight gets drunk.
In my absence, you resemble a piece of sugar
on the edge of sunset
I recommend that you do not sleep early
Just turn off the lights.

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