Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Me myself mine unflinching to surrender into mast of moon fluttering into ocean of no storm to unleash mellow scented earth to beaspek art of love revered in blossomed lips of color to attire heart of green to awaken into flow conciousness onto eternity.
neither flattering words of twisted tongue dipped in sweet sound infiltrates into awakening within nor the brazen story of intonned poets besortted to bestir finding their names in market Square of grey silhouette
I am just a carpenter of words to build up ripples or the tide running in river of red or in ocean of blue to harness joy and sorrow wrapped in eternal stream assuaged to flow ever and ever after.
A bilbd fold of emptiness of totality to write Inklings of no tears in misting ink over flawless whites of stars and moon to make portray of distant love yet never burried in the then time awaiting to resurge like brimming stream.
as art of love is so divine to draw in a circles of half hemispere revering to kiss of soul to sing light of love as redest as sunset glow before tangent of curve centrifuged from chord
of cosmic creation .
@dr subhendu Kar.
Into stillness of ebb regency paroles to rest into maze of delight to croon over bough of kiss to gravitate into another time for blue to reshine by quantum leap to unleash love of harmony for surging shower of waves to belong into cyclic ecstasy.
No where to go yet!
home is here to grasp sweet breath under blue sky dipped of earth scented mire of green revered by mighty blessings of sun and moon in day and night!
mystery be deferred into another era of untold history to delve truth of love from sheath of enigma for quest to resolve victory over vortex of countless rhythms yet unabashed.
bounty phenomenon of hindered mystery racked in oblivion to emerse
like north star to glow and guide by its beacon to sigh into room of void
for caravan to pass through the hales of hue onto shore.
where is the beating of shadow lying deep within reflection forth lone into saga of creation beneath no man’s land of illusive elusion in exponent of time.
@dr.subhendu Kar.
Silence rambles at door of resonance of no rhymes to wake up from deep breath of night for musky moments to tie with bliss of light and shadow into another day!
arc of prism loses flux of reflection losing arrays of light in captivity of darkness with no colors of pulsation to plume into niche of longing for warmth to resuscitate from delirium of silhouette for spree of joy to gravitate into blue of blossom.
Pulses of green seem to suffer rhythm of no reason to flash into eyes mellow ideals to belong onto eternity to define and redefine mire of mystery savoured into quest of proximity for heart to coalesce spring of ecstasy!
neither the darkness of senses nor the day of swampy clme of consciousness need deferred time either to rejuvenate image from mirror of sandy shore fortide to engross art of love over emptiness to vie into another world of nowhere.
regency of crown is the vibe of Kingdom to be proud of possession,
grammer in a syntax is never the conjecture to frame presmble of a story for a novel of tonight to utter rhyme wordless.
like witless stone of darkness to tell nothing but stark deep shadow to.know nothing!
@dr.subhendu Kar
Blossom passionate of colours to see,
hued hush of blue to vibe,
song of soul to gravitate into love of spring
albeit ,
rainbow blushes to sigh into sky blue
yet raked in emptiness to embrace moon.
unto law of attraction.
heart engages to cease hold profoundity of copious phenomenon in abundance.
mellow dream percolates slowly to ensconce in sheen of glory
a dycotomic assonance of symmetry reveres to engross.
In between mirror and image blue is the path of light to array into void to see arc of shadow for revelation from truth to untruth by relative illusion being voiceless for plexus of clarity to resolute vision from no distance.
nearer being dearer loses gorge of fluxion to vibe into flow of currency of least motion lacking nuance of ripple extending towards point of linear convergence.
@dr.subhendu kar

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