Poems by Rumpa Ray-Ghosh

Poems by Rumpa Ray-Ghosh


Sadness [ Tanka Poetry ]

Deep and Dark thoughts crowd
Makes it difficult to bear
Melancholic tune
Draws the soul dreadfully near
Broken heart causes more tear.


A thought today…

The dark clouds hovering over
The tall blocks of concrete
Will transform the dusty grey view to green
Eventually wrapping up the surrounding in a cold humid sheet.


A Child’s Dream….

( Inspired by the character of a little boy “Apu” in epic movie “Pather Panchali”. The movie by legendary Oscar award winner Satyajit Ray in 1955. It is based on Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay’s 1929 novel)

Gazing at the distance afar
I yearn to touch these cottony crops
A white cloudy canopy formed
Under which I feel lost

I hop, swing and sway
Towards the spiralling smoke
The passing train emits and
Feel of wonder it evokes

My exploring mind is
Filled with imagination
Bubbles with curiosity
As I see those small blocks in motion

I wondered about the evolution of this carriage
About its source and its station
The path it is heading,
How far is its destination

My world is small
Often restricted to a marshland,
Ponds, birds and the sky
I roam there clasping my sister’s hand

My mind believes that
This is just the beginning
We might be able to fly some day
That might give the world a new meaning

©Rumpa Ray-Ghosh


2 thoughts on “Poems by Rumpa Ray-Ghosh

  1. Congratulations my dear sister for your accomplishment so far along the way, in your service to humanity on a worldwide basis, with words of inspiration through poetry. I love the motivation being generated from this picture and the poems. May you be blessed with more accomplishments in uplifting others. Great job and personal contribution. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

  2. Excellent to block your thoughts and feelings in above stanzas. Poetry is a free book of humanity that there’s the best pages of life to understand what happen around the corners of the world. You’re the best. Congratulations.

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