Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan


Of all the joys

If they would make it see through
If you would see the cloud below
And if the wing would flutter
Bird like who had caught fire
Of all the joys riding
A plane of any specifications –
Two rows and three rows
Or the luxurious class of length
And width. It is an invention
Of immense signifcance –
Not the bombs that carties overhead
But you the royal ride not
Unlike on a smooth elephant back
Sit. No unlike float like kite
Although by defying gravity
It unsmoothens that it makes remember
Divine purpose. You are extremely
Close to destruction. A near death
Experience in turbulence
Which you have no control on but
To grip the handle of your seat
That firmly you may cling to
In case the fall nose-dives –
Yet hope survives and the magnificent
Wave pushes it up and down –
Nearing the sun and sky-scapes
Of the beauty few humans have seen
Like from Moon or when
A couple of mellenium of years
You may commute to Mars
Your stem cell version you might
Meet or if heavens are up there
You might peep in to see
In quietitude a few the departed soul
Yours included. You while travel
You have darkest of inside
The farthest of path conducted
So far. Your all losses accummulate
Upto your lap your hands
Yellow flowers of tomorrow cherish –
The besutiful hostess serves
Delicious meal her smile
Like things in pain brings happy
Omens of safe landing and your
Soliloquy with yourself certain
Prayers of gratitude come to an end –
What invention of inventions
What human sagacity of achievement
And joys at the port. Minimum
Italian coffee drink in airport
Which is prime indicator how
You collectively embrace civilisation –
Your points of departure and arrivals
That what parting sorrow
What receiving means to the traveller.

Sadiqullah Khan
July19, 2019.


Love This

Intuitive skeptic you read mind –
That when you look not
Eye to eye and kiss sad lip
Or heart to heart your talk
A shared song of love
We therefore live mirage
Upon mirage of deceptions.
O love my illusions make real
That I may in pitfalls fall
Or like the thirsty antelope
Who the sandy desert roam.
We might want things happen
On its own we while hope
The possible to be impossible.
You might not my verse
Understand and you whom
I have little acquantance with
Yet whose breath is next to mine
Yet I shall long to be with
Whose testimony is ardent
Path of difficult love –
And loss in the end
Of the body in slow demise
To live eternally in soul.

– Conversation with Sheema Khan

Sadiqullah Khan
July 17, 2019.

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