Poems by Pal Sujata

Poems by Pal Sujata
If I Am…
If I am the sky
You are my cloud,
If I am the silence
You are my sound.
If I am the rhythm
You are my verse,
If I am the fragrance
You are my blossoms.
If I am the sea
You are my waves,
If I am the butterfly
You are my colourful wings.
Never Take My Heart
Take my hands
But let me embrace you,
Take my ears
But let me gear you,
Take my eyes
But let me stare you,
But never take my heart
That is within you.
Death,The Heavenly State of Mind
The false is the pride
Meaningless is the wrath.
Name will be suppressed under soil
Fame too will be turned into ashes with the body,
Conflicts of status whether rich or poor
Would be equally measured
When the evening will appear.
All the worries as well fatigue
Will come to an end and
A supreme bliss with it’s glow fall on the appearance.
The hue and cry surrounding him
Will never enter into his ears any more.
Nor anyone could disturb him taking any earthly affair,
For he is now everything above.
What a cool feeling!
O death, you are never undeniable
Rather most welcome to make free
From all the agonies and anxities
To enter into a safer, secured place
Where no chaos will be heard,
Only a great silence will prevail.

One thought on “Poems by Pal Sujata

  1. Three poems.Two celebrating soft cuddly feelings of love: sensuously eternal and the third, talks of emotions generated on the death of a loved one. Written in simple language, all these poems are very charming. .

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