Rakesh Chandra (India)

Rakesh Chandra (India)
Mr Rakesh Chandra is a retired civil servant. Currently pursuing his Ph.D in Law from Lucknow University. He has got one collection of poems Titled “Moon is Black” and also one collection of Hindi Poems. His English poems have found place in different Poetry Journals and News Papers’ literary supplements. He also has authored two books on Law.
O Light Divine …!
We are the mortals of different races,
Of different colours and variety of faces,
Of varying age-group and different sex,
And different beliefs and religious sects ;
We’re standing together in right earnest,
Imploring you humbly to spray on us,
The golden dust of your benediction,
To lead us on the paths of life,
From darkness to life and to perfection ;
O Light divine ! We feel your presence,
We know your message of love and peace;
But we follow the course of hate and envy,
And respond against whether friend or enemy;
We are ignoramuses and fools anyway,
We spread thorns on way to others,
And we aspire from them a smooth leeway ;
Take care kindly, of all of us, and
Decode the text of riddle of life;
We are in search of inner peace,
And want our journey free of strife .
Fading Beauty
We are born ugly sometimes or,
Endowed with many-splendoured charm ;
A beautiful face casts its spell
On the onlookers around,causing
A glint in their eyes and bringing
Smiles on their faces- ever so warm ;
Life is ephemeral ,so they say,
And life is a saga of ups and downs;
Beauty too,is not a thing eternal,
It changes its enchanting hues,
Whether one likes or one may frown;
Outward beauty withers with time,as
The body shows signs of age;
A stunning beauty in her teens,
The lady slips into a wrinkled cage;
We are destined to face the truth ultimate,
Beauty is transient in life’s mirage ;
A beauty real lies in our innerself,
Which radiates our whole persona;
Come what may ,in the dance of life,
One adorns the place of prima donna !
Copyright@ Rakesh Chandra.

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