Discrimination / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
Discrimination free society is as lofty as an idea of the Eden
We see, perceive, indulge in it not all of a sudden
It’s there, here ,in me and in you but is painted in myriad hues
We may worship, gossip it, negate and prevent it as we possess the clues
Sun , Moon, Sunshine and moonbeam we enjoy equally
Nature’s law knows no inhibition we proclaim socially
We humans are unruly, state comes to rescue us from being parochial
It enacts laws to equalise status, class, caste, gender and others, really satirical
Selfishness runs the show whether we are educated or illiterate
Our intrinsic noble qualities are burried underneath of wishes, so unfortunate
When the same blood flows in our veins sans any discrimination
When we claim as humans, human values need promotion
If differences are natural so also similarities among us are primodial
Human society is bestowed with love, affection , fraternity like ideals
When the basis of discrimination is somewhat societal
It’s root out certainly cherish avenues for not to become preferential
Again positive discrimination is required to give justice to teeming millions
Who are remaining deprived of all sorts of facilities due to sanctions
State is people’s association to usher in peace, prosperity and maintain security
Human behavior needs modulation for common good and to establish parity
Social discriminations are like cancer cells that eat out social cohesion
Discrimination free society needs all-out efforts to champion
©®Dr.Alok Kumar Ray

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