SPECIAL ORCHESTRA / Poem by Dr. Maria Miraglia

Poem by Dr. Maria Miraglia



At any hours it plays
I don’t have to turn the radio on
just be willing to listen
to the birds chirping
among the tree tops
or in the open air

To the winds whispering
softly moving the leaves
yellow or green
or the rain lazily falling
on the rooftops

The bubbling of the brook
that merry goes down the mountain
the lively chatter of the waves
chasing each other
to have fun

The songs of the wolves
to the moon
at night
the sound of the owls
in the thick forest
the buzzing of the bees
while courting flowers

This the orchestra
that fascinates me
the only for which
I don’t pay for tickets

The special orchestra
playing its magnificent pieces
in disparate scenarios
always follow me
wherever I go

@ By Maria Miraglia

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