Moon River / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
Moon River
If a river could speak,
she would tell that she was born
form water springs, to flow
through rough rocks
and smooth sands in the journey
of life, looking for love
The river is bathing her lucent skin
in a gloss of the moon
midst diamond tiaras of stars
Her beloved, the ocean of love
is waiting for her with the open arms
where she merges with him
in millions of fluid beads in the loop of time
As they dance together in every drop,
all drops are connected as one
As if in the moment where future
and past become the present time
because time is an illusion except for “now”
And the river streams in self renewing life
And only love makes the world go round.
© Margaret Kowalewska
24 July 2019

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